This calendar centers on events of an experimental nature within the Nashville, TN region.  If you think your event is appropriate for this calendar, contact me and I'll tell you how you can add your events to it.



Voight-Kampff Duo



The Voight-Kampff Duo is the most recent iteration of the performing arm of the Voight-Kampff Music collective.  Currently it consists of Stephen Seifert on synthesizers, laptop, iPads and other controllers, and Brady Sharp on prepared guitar running through Pure Data on a laptop.  The music is completely improvised within the moment it's played, and it may or may not adhere to some vague predetermined structure.  The music alternatively wavers between warm, caressing drones to slightly more assaultive skronk, with a tight focus on dynamic interplay.

Stephen Seifert is one of the leading experts of the Appalachian dulcimer, performing and teaching at music festivals all over the world.  He was an adjunct professor of Mountain Dulcimer at Vanderbilt's Blair school of music with his mentor David Schnaufer for 4 years, and he performs commissioned works with symphony and chamber orchestras all across the US.  In between festivals, lessons, performances, producing instructional videos, and family life, he likes to kick back and make a little noise.

Brady Sharp spent his early formative years within the burgeoning punk rock scene of Paducah, KY.  He was in various short-lived bands throughout his college years, before discovering improvised music in 1995.  Voight-Kampff was formed soon after, consisting of Brady on guitar, Matt Hamilton on guitar, Andrew Mays on laptop, and Drew Rydberg on bass or drums.  He also began helping to coordinate shows in Nashville for visiting experimental musicians from all over the US and abroad.  In addition to playing with woodwind player David Maddox in The Bluff Duo, he's had the pleasure of playing with Peter Kowald, Gino Robair, LaDonna Smith, Tatsuya Nakatani, Susan Alcorn, and many others.






To contact us for booking, or if you would like for your show to be added to our calendar, or if you are coming through Nashville and are looking for a place to play, give us a bell at info (at) vkmusic (dot) org.  

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